Resolving When trying to import wallet

Note: This guide is using Debian Sid with Python 3.6

What may assumed in this situation:

  • You have forgotten your password
  • The Steem wallet’s database has been corrupted
  • You hare using some strange character’s within your password (some have reported having issues with ‘^’)

In any event, it will be best ro reset everything withn your Steem’s database and start from scratch if you cannot log into your wallet.

To do so, start by removing to your wallet’s database file in your home directory:

rm ~/.local/share/steem/steem.sqlite

Now to set a new password, you will need to trigger an event to create a new password as if you were starting from scratch. One example would be the ‘changewalletpassphrase’ argument:

:~/ python3 steempy changewalletpassphrase

:~/ Passphrase:

:~/ Please provide the new password

:~/ Passphrase:

:~/ Confirm Passphrase:

Be sure to enter the same password in all three Passphrase prompts in the example above.

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